Guest Post: Being Active and Social to support your books

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Babette Ross, Social Media consultant, has been kind enough to guest post this week.

The ramp up to the holiday shopping season has begun. Among the many new shiny toys we are beginning to hear about are updates to eReaders and one feature I consistently notice being touted is social integration.

Mashable reported Nielsen’s finding that Social Networking dominates the time spent on line. Are readers going to find you or your book in the places where they are spending the most amount of time? Social Media is becoming embedded into the everyday life of your readers. And readers are connecting in more ways than ever before to share their thoughts and get recommendations for the next book they will read.

The importance of having an active presence in Social Media can not be overstated. The two key words in the previous sentence are “active” and “social.” Of course, your ultimate goal is to sell more of your books and while Social Media is not a magic bullet it can raise awareness.

In order to promote either yourself or your book within Social Media you will need to be both an active participant and social. Active could be defined as frequently contributing to discussions or creating new conversations. And social could be defined as interacting with the people whom take an interest in what you say. If someone is commenting, treat it as you would in a face to face social interaction, a simple thank you can go along way to fostering relationships. The platform you use should be the right platform for both you and your book.

That platform could be Facebook or Twitter but if you’ve written something about a niche topic the most active community on that topic may not be either one. There may be a book bloggers within your genre who share your tastes and have cultivated a community where you would be welcome.

In order to use Social Media effectively you need to understand it so the first thing you should do is “listen” to what others are saying. If you’re going to invest your time, you must find a community where you are comfortable.

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