Europe Will Be The Largest eBook Market By 2017, Worth $19 Billion – Forrester Research

January 31st, 2013 by Neil Leave a reply »

So many wonderful nuggets in this great post from Michael O’Grady at Forrester Research.  My favorite may be this one:  “eReaders are set to have one of the shortest growth life cycles in device history. Between 2009-2011 the average annual sales of dedicated eReading devices in the US grew by more than 100%. In 2012, US dedicated eReader sales growth will be negative.”

I always saw eReaders as an endangered species.  I spoke about it in one of my first blogs back in November 2009.  (Isn’t it great to be right – and having it still be in the ether?)

Another one of the very important points for content creators is that half of the world’s ebooks are going to be in English.  The global market will be huge.  Layer on top of that the International distribution you get from Amazon, Apple , and the ebook retailers yet to arrive the world becomes a small place with many, many customers.


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